Viborg-Hurley High School

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In order to join the appropriate class, you need the class code. This class code is for students only! If you are not a student in the class, you will be deleted. If you are a parent and wish to see what assignments your child has, please email me and I can add you as a parent contact.

9th English/Literature

Class Code: ap0om1k

10th English/Speech

Class Code: zvv53sl

11th English/American Literature

Class Code: 2ctx1n

12th English/Literature

Class Code: k7zpkdn

Technical Writing/Novels

Class Code: wtbanqe

Literature of an Author/Creative Writing

Class Code: 5bgp5z

Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Smith – English

Come to class prepared

You will come to class ready to begin working as soon as the tardy bell sounds. Your laptop will be charged, turned on, logged in, and ready to begin working. You will have any required textbooks/novels, ready to begin. You will receive limited passes to your locker to retrieve items.

Cell phones

Cell phones are not allowed per the student handbook. Don’t want to lose your phone? Don’t take it out!

Disruptions and Off-Task Behavior (during lecture or during designated work time)

Per Mr. Jensen, students will receive one warning and be sent to the office as students do not have the right to disrupt the learning environment of their classmates. If you are to serve a detention with me, after school detentions are to be served the same day unless extenuating circumstances prevent it (ex. after school doctor or dentist appointment verified by a parent). Tardiness to sports’ practice or other after-school activity does not count as an extenuating circumstance. Detention is meant to inconvenience you due to your behavior. If you have important after school activities or an after school job, keep this in mind as you manage your behavior. Parents will be contacted when you have an after school detention.

Bathroom Breaks

You will be given a very limited number of passes for the restroom or locker. You will not leave the room after class begins unless an emergency occurs.

Respect (for your teacher, your classmates, the classroom, and yourself) – this includes swearing, put-downs, rude comments, leaving a mess, etc.

Depending on the offense, you may receive one verbal warning (“strike”), or you may immediately earn a ½ hour detention with me or possibly an office referral if the student handbook merits an office referral. Your second offense will be an office referral.

Food brought in the room.

This is not allowed.

After 2 detentions with me for any reason per nine weeks, you may receive office referrals for any further infraction of the classroom expectations.

Try to have fun in English, even if it is not your favorite class! Come in with an attitude that you are going to enjoy class and learn something – you will be surprised what a positive outlook can do!