1. Changing Your Password

To change your password from your birthdate you go to passwords.leanderisd.org

**If you have already changed it from your birthday, you are good.**

Anytime you change your password, you will need to sign out and sign back in with your new password.
 2. Windows 8 & mLISD      Student Resources

Link to Lenovo Device Support

Touchscreen Gestures & Keyboard Shortcuts

3. Set up Gmail desktop notifications on Lenovo and/or your own device

Go to Gmail

Click on the Gear Click on Settings

Choose Desktop Notifications

Choose New mail notifications on

Click here to enable desktop notifications for Leanderisd.org Mail.

Scroll to bottom and SAVE
 4. Log Into Chrome

Signing Into Chrome Instructions

Set Chrome as your default browser

Visit the links below and determine in which Chrome apps and extensions you might need for class:

Install approved Chrome apps

5. Bookmark the Following Resources in Chrome:

(make sure you are logged into Chrome with your LISD Google Account)

Google Classroom/Individual Classes

Teacher websites


ViperTech (student led help desk located in the library)

PIT Portal

VHS Library Site


mLISD Handbook

 6. Download the following Apps on Your Phone


Google Classroom

Google Drive

Google Calendar

Google Sheets

Google Docs

Leander ISD App