Our Team

ViperTech is a student-led Help Desk devoted to providing tech support for Vandegrift Vipers following the mLISD laptop initiative. A team of "techsperts" is situated in room 1301 during select periods (see our availability here); simply enter through the library and first door on the left for assistance with your Lenovo laptop or personal device! 





Viraj is a sophmore who loves technology, anything STEM, and all aspects of science. this is his 5th year as a techspert. This is also his first year in the Viperbot robotics program. He can help you with your hardware and software problems.

Available in the ViperTech room during 1st period



 Sophie is a sophmore at Vandegrift High School who enjoys working with technology. She is a project manager for her robotics team. This is her first year as a techspert and she is eager to help with any lenovo assistance students may need.  


Available in the ViperTech room during 1st period


Alexa is a Vandegrift senior who enjoys troubleshooting and working with any kind of technology. This is her first year as a member of the ViperTech team and she will try her best to help solve any of your computer problems. She is involved in CyberPatriot, Archery and Civil Air Patrol. She also runs Fedora on her home computer and has some experience with several other Linux flavors.
                                                          Available in the ViperTech room during 3rd period

 Adam Dollar

 Adam is a senior who enjoys technology and problem solving. A first year member he hopes to cleanse any technological   issues inhabiting the laptops. He is also currently in CyberPatriots, digital forensics, and ARCA. 
                                                          Available in the ViperTech room during 4rd period


Ishika is a junior at Vandegrift high school and a first year techspert, happy to help Vipers with their tech needs. She has an interest in math, physics, and computer science, and is excited to take digital forensics next year. 
                                                          Available in the ViperTech room during 5th period


Sami is a senior at Vandegrift High School, and is interested in various types of technology. He is currently enrolled in AP Graphic design, and is on his 3rd year as part of the Audio Video Productions department at Vandegrift. Creating digital works has been a focus for him in his high school career, so he is always happy to help with any computer problems a student might have.  
              Available in the ViperTech room during 6th period

Image result for bitmoji childTucker George
                                        Tucker is a junior at VHS who is interested in technology and is always willing to assist Vandegrift students with any of their lenovo needs. His favorite subject in school is math and he is on the lacrosse team.

                                                                                     Available in the ViperTech room during 7th period
Alex May
Alex is a senior at VHS that enjoys learning about technology and helping fix problems that people may have with their technology, Alex enjoys history and is entering his fourth year with the band.

                                                                                     Available in the ViperTech room during 7th period

                                             Ray Perea
Ray is a senior at VHS who enjoys collecting pens and stickers. He played football for 5 years but is now looking towards technology instead of sports. This is Ray's first year in ViperTech.

                                                                                                 Available in the ViperTech room during 1st Period