Lego Movie App Review


    Attention to all physics students and amateur filmmakers: this past six weeks I used a great app called “Lego Movie Maker” to help me make my stop motion movie in physics. Not only is this app user friendly, but it is also free!

How to Use Lego Movie:

  1. Download the app from the app store for an Apple device or the Google Play store for an Android device.

  2. Click Make a Movie.

  3. First a slide saying Create Your Title will show up and you can edit the title and background.

  4. To make the movie, tap the screen and move the object - repeat this step until you finish the movie. Be sure to keep your camera in the same place in order to ensure that the object looks like it’s moving.

  5. You can add music, special effects, and even change the speed.

  6. In order to change the speed, hit “Speed” and you can adjust how many frames show up per second.

  7. In order to change to add captions or a title, hit “edit” and you can add subtitles or title slides.

  8. Finally, hit save in order to save your movie to the movie gallery.


  • My partner and I used lego movie to film each scene and then we “connected” all the scenes together with title slides using iMovie.This app is not for everyone: Some people found this app very useful, while others preferred to use online stop motion softwares.

  • If you don’t like the title slides this app gives, you can save the video clip to your phone and crop out the part with the title. Then, you can put the cropped clips into iMovie and add titles there.

  • Make sure to consistently save the videos to your camera so that you don’t lose your hard work!

  • It is best to film your video with a partner, so one person can take the pictures and the other person can move the object.

Overall, this app really made my project much easier and a lot more fun to work on. I would definitely recommend Lego Movie if you’re on a time crunch or not great with online softwares.

Quizlet App Review

Tips/ How to Use the Quizlet App:

(This is for the ios app, and covers a few key features)

  • After creating an account, the user has the option to create a study set or search for other pre-existing ones.
  • When creating a set, the user can set the title and enter the term and definition. (They can also specify which language it is written in)
  • Quizlet has 4 forms of review with the flashcards - Cards (basic normal flashcards), Learn (the user enters the term upon seeing the definition/vice versa), Match (term + definition) and Test, which allows the user to choose if they want the format to be written, multiple choice, true/false, the amount of questions, if they start with the term, and if they want audio or instant feedback.
  • Users can also create folders, which can hold a number of different sets all in one place. I found this most useful when grouping different sets together for one class.
  • You can also make your quizlet private, and your study sets can be password protected! With this, you can also make it possible for other users to edit your set, which comes in handy when collaborating.


Overall, Quizlet is an excellent app for material that needs to be memorized. It is extremely quick and easy to create a set and begin studying terms for a test!