Gr 4- Planet Challenge

Post date: Nov 15, 2015 5:23:12 PM

This week, Bancroft's fourth grade students visited the MakerStudio. In science, they studied Space and the Solar System. In library with Mrs. Snow, the students were assign a planet to research (excluding Earth and including Pluto). Students used online resources to research the living conditions on their assigned planet. Students were also responsible for citing their resources correctly in a bibliography.

In the MakerStudio, students were asked to design a living and gardening structure specifically design for them to live in on assigned planet. They were given the criteria that it must be three dimensional and met the needs to survive on the assigned planet. They were also give the constraints that it is attached to the assigned base, completed in given time periods, and used only materials found in the MakerStudio. Students worked in group of two to three to design and create this structure.

Planet Research Template Planet Challenge Sheet

Photos of Students at Designing