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"Eisenhower, Dulles, and the Cold War"


A People's History of the United States — This a free, online version of Howard Zinn's seminal text. This is an excellent source of the New Left School of American Historiography. Become familiar with Zinn's approach and arguments for the topic that we cover over the course of this class.

Canada and Latin America in WWI.pdf

Civil Rights Project

Click here to access — If you are in Period 3 IB HOA, access Class ID: 7414525. If you are in Period 7 IB HOA, access Class ID: 7414530. The password for both classes is: OPVL.

Cold War Introduction and Overview



Crash Course History-- Cold War in Asia

Crash Course in History: US Imperialism

Crash Course in History: WWI Overview — Great video series by John Green.

Crash Course in World History: Cold War — John Green recaps and provides a clear, concise synopsis of the Cold War in 12 minutes.

Early impact of Cold War Socratic Seminar

Guided Reading p. 4-10 — Use with Mexican Revolution Reading (pdf)

Guided Reading Questions (p 325-328) — For Keen and Haynes text



IOTH: The Mexican Revolution

Keen and Haynes (p. 282-287) — Use pages 313-317. The pages show reflect an error I ran into with the digital copy.

Keen and Haynes (p. 317-321)

Keen and Haynes-- Chapter 12.pdf — Selected text excerpt for the Mexican Revolution. Provides more detail than initial text.


Mexican Revolution Reading.pdf

Mexican Revolution Sources 1.pdf

November Assignment for Canada and Latin America in WWI

the storm that swept mexico.mp4 — Period 3: We got to 39:05 in class. The remainder is your responsibility. Period 7: We got to 20:22 in class. The remainder is your responsibility. Discussion Board