Immaculate Heart of Mary Library

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing summer. Over the summer I was thrilled to watch two of my four grandchildren, while my daughter and her husband went to work. We did some crafts as well as some school work. The two of them made me laugh a lot. This year, I am excited to announce that we will be having our Book Fair, which we haven't been able to do for a few years because of the pandemic. The Book Fair will take place in Father Sullivan Hall beginning Monday, November 7. We will be hosting a Grandparents' Event/Open House on Sunday, November 6, which will coincide with the Book Fair. A letter will be coming home closer to the Event regarding the time of the Grandparents' Event/Open House.

During Library class we will be having a Theme, Saint and Author of the Week. I will also be incorporating a question and answer period with the younger students. Also, after reading the story, we will try to come up with maybe a different title for the book as well as add characters and maybe a new plot to the already read story. I am hoping this will make the students think outside the box. We will also be doing a Birthday Book Club again this year. For those families who are not familiar with the Birthday Book Club, it is a wonderful way to incorporate new books in our school library, while recognizing their child/children's birthday. The students will get to choose a brand new library book from ones which I have already purchased. The book that the child chooses will be read to the class and a book plate with their name on it will be placed on the first page of the new book. They will also receive a birthday sticker, a birthday pencil, a birthday certificate and a special treat. Their picture will also appear on our Facebook page. A letter explaining the Birthday Book Club will come home during the first week of school. The Birthday Book Club letter can also be found on my webpage.

Another plus in the Library this year will be the 100 Book Challenge. This is an incentive to get the children to read. I have found that the students have been anxiously reading books in order to complete the 100 Book Challenge and receive a gold medal from Mr. Foley during a School Mass. This Challenge gives them credit for each book they read. The students can also have their parents, guardians, grandparents and family members read a story to them. After the book is read, there is a 100 Book Challenge Form that should be filled out. The Form lists the book that was read, the author and requires a signature of the person who saw or read the book to the student. There will be various rewards given to the students every time a new Form is completed. The 100 Book Challenge is a win/win for everyone! The children are encouraged to read and receive rewards for their achievements. A letter explaining the 100 Book Challenge will be sent home with the children. The 100 Book Challenge Forms can be picked up by the students in the Library.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact me via my email address: Also please feel free to contact me with any suggestions that we could do with your children in the Library. Thank you for sending your children to Immaculate Heart of Mary School. May God continue to bless our Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Parish families!


Mrs. Adele Binns