Counseling Resources

What a privilege it has been to work with HLCS students for over 15 years.  Thank you for this opportunity. HLCS desires to make academic and personal counseling available to every student K-12, as needed.  In addition, career and college counseling is a strong focus at the high school level. From the 8th grade year on, students meet individually with the school counselor each semester.  Parents are invited and welcomed to be a part of these meetings.  If you would like to meet with me, please feel free to come by anytime or set up an appointment.  Office hours are Monday - Wednesday from 7:45 am- 4:30 pm as well as Thursdays from 7:45 am-12 pm. Additional times can be arranged. My phone number at the school office is 559-305-7699 and my desk is located by the back wall of the Library on the third floor of Cedar Hall.

The is a wealth of information about graduation guidelines, school portal details, and college resources available here.  I hope this material is helpful to you. Whether you are planning to head to college, tech school, the military, or straight into the job force, I am excited to be a helpful part of this journey into the future. There are amazing opportunities waiting for you!