About us

HRWings specializing in human resources management, executive sourcing and development.

HRWings supported by network of experienced HR experts and domain consultants , Easy ‘on demand’ access to experienced, independent consultants delivering , Recruitment, Selecting and other HCM Services .

We registered HRWings on 1 Nov 2013, with registration number 2010201300004738 as per the Andhrapradesh shops and establishment act 1988 to provide consulting services.

Our domain experts (with relevant industry expertise) through their networking are able to shrink the 6 degrees of separation between you and the key hire. Our internal database built over the years is a major contributor to the success of this practice.

Sometimes we realize that we can’t do it all. When we can’t, we reach out to our extensive network of friends and professionals who can help us meet any mandate we are given. HRWings has unprecedented access to nation-wide networks of experts in our business consulting lines. Our strong connection to our communities allows us to maximize our resources by building on our relationships to meet specific client needs and mandate requirements.

We work with organizations, both large and small, that need extra HR support either on-going or by project basis. Some organizations use HRWings as their virtual human resource HR department. That includes coaching, training and development as well as HR strategy.

We believe that People are the most valuable resource of any organization; and those with character and a strong value system form the backbone of any organization.