About Us

The Prevention 5 Coalition is working to establish an environment that shifts away from the community tolerance of underage substance use and adult substance abuse as acceptable behaviors. A prevention system consists of the prevention agency, public health, law enforcement, school districts, behavioral health, treatment, faith organizations, juvenile court services and social services agencies all working together. They provide families and individuals the resources and education they need in order to start making lifestyle changes involving the tolerance of and the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, prescription, over-the-counter and illicit drugs.

Consequences of underage substance use and adult substance abuse may consist of law violations, risk of dependency, decline in academic and sport performance and decline in family dynamics. By bringing the knowledge, experiences and expertise of Prevention 5 members and other prevention system partners, we can begin to create positive change. By assessing the needs in the county, building capacity and resources, creating a plan to make changes, implementing the necessary strategies and evaluating how prevention efforts are working, the desired outcomes can be reached.


“Prevention 5 is a group of highly engaged citizens who strive to raise awareness on issues such as underage drinking, binge drinking, prescription drug abuse, illegal drug use, and tobacco use." View our coalition brochure here.


  • Provided education and training to parents, youth, and retailers
  • Developed newspaper and social media campaigns
  • Presented to the public and local government
  • Participated in community events


  • Increase the community's understanding of the dangers of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; and encourage responsible decision-making when legally using these substances
  • Empower community members to safely intervene when laws are violated
  • Encourage those who are struggling with substance use to get help
  • Promote policies and practices that support a culture of responsible substance use


The members of the Prevention 5 Coalition come from a variety of backgrounds and interests and include 12 sectors:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Media
  • Schools and Universities
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Faith-based community
  • Civic and volunteer Groups
  • Healthcare professionals
  • State, local, or tribal government
  • Substance abuse prevention and treatment organizations

If you are interested in becoming a member, come to the next meeting or contact us for more information.