Prescription Drugs

Properly Disposing Medications

4 out of 5 heroin users started with abusing prescription drugs. Youth often perceive prescription drugs as “safe” alternatives to other illicit drugs. This is untrue. To counter this threat, it is important to properly dispose of your prescription drugs.

Proper storage & proper disposal brochure.

People of all ages and backgrounds can abuse of prescription drugs, yet they mostly begin in their teenage years. With the increase of prescriptions by doctor, getting a hold of drugs has become easier. Many share prescription drugs, but do not realize that they do not have the same effect on everyone.

Permanent drug disposal sites in Howard County:

  • Howard County Prescription Drug Drop-Box

124 S. Park Place, Cresco

  • Lime Springs Medical Clinic

101 W. Main St., Lime Springs

  • Regional Health Services

235 8th Ave W, Cresco

** No questions asked.