• Underage Drinking
            • Underage drinking is not just a minor problem. It affects all of us. That is why the State has passed a Social Host Law. A social host is someone who knowingly allows an underage person to consume alcohol illegally on their property. Iowa passed a law in 2014 that penalizes social hosts with a criminal offense and fines of up to $330 with court costs.
            • This campaign informs the public about that law: what it is; why it's important; and how to work with this law to prevent underage drinking.
            • Parents Who Host Lose the Most Resources

Substance-Free Graduation Parties

The Coalition promotes substance-free graduation parties. Students who sign up

receive a yard-sign for their party and usually an incentive that is donated. We

encourage parents to keep their children's parties substance-free. We don't need

substances to have an epic party!

Off to college: A guide for parents

The coalition has resources for parents who's child is transitioning from high school to college. We know that when parents communicate clear expectations

about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, kids are less

likely to use them. This guide offers suggestions on ways to keep communication open about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.