2nd Monday of Each Month

12:00 –1:00 p.m.



The Teen Maze Event is being put on hold due to COVID-19. We will re-evaluate holding the event in Spring 2021.


High school youth work on many initiatives to prevent and end alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Their efforts—such as Red Ribbon Week, the Great American Smokeout, Drug Facts Week, Through with Chew Week, and Kick Butts Day—promote awareness and education among their peers and community.

  • Crestwood HEROES - Trish Hartman

  • Riceville SODA - Michelle Dohlman

Our most recent Coalition Spotlight focused on our partnership with Regional Health Services of Howard County.

Members at Regional Health Services of Howard County recognize how the goals of the Prevention 5 Coalition and their own align. We are working towards a common goal of making our county a healthier, safer place for youth and families to live.

Gay Duroe, states, “RHSHC recognizes that access to healthcare and resources are important to our community. We strive to provide information to patients, providers and caregivers so we can best serve the county and beyond.” Other projects that we have partnered on over the past few years have been providing a medication disposal container in Cresco and Lime Springs. The Sharps Disposal Project, which provides a place for citizens to dispose of used needles. We also worked on educating the community on Iowa’s Social Host Law to reduce underage drinking and more recently we pursued nicotine-free parks and trails for Cresco and presented this to the City Council.

Substance abuse problems in a community are complex and because of this, having input from all the various sectors, along with community members, is so important. We are spotlighting our healthcare sector, Regional Health Services for Howard County, and hope to continue creating positive change in our community. All those who live or work in Howard County are encouraged to attend a Prevention 5 meeting to have a voice in addressing substance abuse issues in the community. We meet the second Monday of each month at 12pm in the Crestwood High School District Conference Room.