"Prevention 5 is a group of highly engaged citizens who strive to raise awareness on substance misuse, teen pregnancy, mental health, and overall wellness of the community. "



Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month from 12:00–1:00 p.m. 

Meetings are currently held at the Cresco Chamber of Commerce (101 2nd Ave SW, Cresco). Virtual option is available. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Events Expanding Prevention In Your Community

One way to help others learn more about ERASE and it's mission is by attending events in your community.

(If your agency has an event coming up or you know of an event you would like Prevention 5 to be involved in, please send us an email.)

November is National Hospice Month!

Come join our partners at Howard County Community Hospice & Regional Health Services of Howard County for a grief group. We understand how important mental health is, and how the upcoming holidays can make coping with these hard situations more difficult.  No matter the situation, these groups will help you by providing a "safe space for questions, answers, and sharing".  Dates for the upcoming groups include:

Monday, Nov 6th at noon (Cresco Library)

Tuesday, Nov 7th at 6:30pm (Wellington Place)

Thursday, Nov 9th at noon (Online)

Friday, Nov 10th at 2:30pm (Wellington Place)

Tuesday, Dec 5th at 5:30pm (Cresco Library)

Thursday, Dec 7th at 2:30pm (Wellington Place)

Monday, Dec 11th at 6:30pm (Wellington Place) 


There are youth in your area that need YOU!

Can you spend 4 hours a month hanging out with a youth doing things you already like to do with a youth in your community? Mentoring is Simple! Become a mentor to a youth like Kathy. Contact mentoring@helpingservices.org or visit www.helpingservices.org/youth-mentoring


High school youth work on many initiatives to prevent and end alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Their efforts—such as Red Ribbon Week, the Great American Smokeout, Drug Facts Week, Through with Chew Week, and Kick Butts Day—promote awareness and education among their peers and community.

Mock Crash Event

A Mock Crash Event was held on Thursday, April 20th. The crash took place at the Crestwood High School, and displayed what can happen when you drink and drive. Mark Bigler, the guest speaker, told his family's tragic story of loss caused by a drunk driver. His story  reminded us all how fragile life really is.  #CourageForDrake