2nd Monday of Each Month

12:00 –1:00 p.m.

Howard County Chamber of Commerce, Cresco



Thank you to everyone who participated in our 'Parents Who Host, Lose the Most' campaign again this year. We were successful in creating awareness around the State Social Host Law in Howard County!

Prevention 5 will be implementing media campaigns throughout the high-school's in Howard County to get teenager's thinking about what they throw away when they decide to drink underage.

A Hidden in Plain Sight event for parents is scheduled for Back to School Conferences August 21, 2018. This is an opportunity for parents, guardians, and other concerned adults to inspect a mock-up teenager's bedroom. They will be asked to find any items they believe to be drug-related. Following the inspection, law enforcement will disclose different articles and explain their significance.


Prevention 5 worked with Howard County Sheriff's Office to have a permanent drug disposal site at Regional Health Services outside of Cresco Family Pharmacy.

Anyone is welcome to utilize this box to dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications. No questions will be asked. Prevention 5 wants to get these unnecessary drugs out of people's homes so they can not fall into the hands of someone who may abuse them.

Permanent disposal sites in Howard County in Howard County include outside Cresco Family Pharmacy and the Lime Springs Medical Clinic.


High school youth work on many initiatives to prevent and end alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Their efforts—such as Red Ribbon Week, the Great American Smokeout, Drug Facts Week, Through with Chew Week, and Kick Butts Day—promote awareness and education among their peers and community.

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