WorkAbility I Training Agreement

The student:
  1. Must be 16 - 21 years of age, and be enrolled in school in good standing.
  2. Must have a social security card, and if under 18, a Work Permit.
  3. Enters this program to learn as much as the employer can provide on occupational information, skills, and attitudes.
  4. Will keep regular attendance on the job, and in on-campus classes.
  5. Will notify the WorkAbility Specialist immediately regarding any problems, and is willing to work cooperatively to resolve problems related to training.
  6. Will abide by all regulations of the school district and the training site and by the terms stated or implied in this document.
  7. Will notify the employer prior to any absence.
  8. Will receive an hourly wage for successful performance of competencies during training.
  9. Will be paid according to HBUHSD guidelines.  Pay period runs from 15th to 15th of each month.  Paychecks will be distributed on the 10th day of the following month.

The School District:
  1. Will monitor the student at the training site, provide necessary counseling, aid in resolution of problems and coordination of the program as designated by law.
  2. Will maintain the necessary paperwork to pay student wages and for attendance records.
  3. Provide WorkAbility trainees, pay wages directly to students and maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage.

The Employer:
  1. Will provide meaningful occupational experiences, training, and supervision to the WorkAbility trainee.
  2. Will verify the number of hours the student works.
  3. Will abide by State and Federal laws/regulations pertaining to employment.
  4. Will provide adequate working conditions that will not endanger the health, safety, welfare, or moral of the student.
  5. Will notify the WorkAbility Specialist/school staff immediately regarding any problems and is willing to work cooperatively to resolve problems related to training.
  6. Will inform the WorkAbility Specialist when planning to terminate a student's employment.
  7. Will provide evaluation information and complete required forms on a regular basis.