WorkAbility Services

    Freshmen Career Exploration ~ Frequency: 50 min minimum annually

            Introduction to WorkAbility services, world of work, and career interests.

    Sophomore Career Planning ~ Frequency: 50 min minimum annually

            Provide vocational inventories/interest surveys.

            Information is used to look further into a student’s interests, abilities,

            ROP Overview

    Pre-Employment Training Class (P.E.T.) ~ Frequency: 500 min annually

            P.E.T. instruction in a classroom setting.

            Topics to include but not limited to: 

                personal goals and help to identify their career plans.

                • Career Information 

                • Job-search techniques, interviews, resumes, applications, letters of introduction.

                • Portfolio Development 

                • Market trends, current job information 

                • Identifying / recognizing interests

                • Work Readiness – attitude and etiquette 

                • Community college information

                • Employment

    Senior Transition Services ~ Frequency: 50 min annually 

            Prepare seniors for post high school options. 

            Topics to include but not limited to: 

            • Portfolio development

            • Post Secondary Education (4 yr College/University, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Military, etc.)

            • Department of Rehabilitation Services

            • Financial Aid Information

            • College Applications and disabled students services referrals

            • Transportation Options

            • Employment