Edward Balda


     Edward Balda has been an Art instructor in the Topeka region for nearly 48 years. Instructional levels include high school as well as university level courses.This will be his 6th year at Hayden Catholic, instructing in Ceramics  and beginning metals. 
     He is also a recognized regional Artist, with various exhibitions, national awards and sales in Painting and Printmaking.
     Edward is currently the Featured Artist at the SouthWind Art Gallery in Topeka. His 31 piece  show will be displayed until August 25, 2017.
     Mr Balda maintains secondary citizenship in the country of Ecuador, where he frequently visits to paint and surf. In addition to his skills in the visual arts, his interests include travel, history, music and surfing. 

Above, Mr. Balda poses with a bust 
of Pablo Picasso in front of his birth 
home in Malaga, Spain.