Leeward CC Diversification board

Purpose of the Leeward CC Diversification Requirement

The Diversification requirement is intended to assure that every student has a broad exposure to different domains of academic knowledge, while at the same time allowing flexibility for students with different goals and interests. To enroll in a course that meets the Diversification requirement, students must first meet the prerequisites, if any. Some courses that satisfy the Diversification requirement may also simultaneously satisfy Focus requirements. A complete list of courses that currently carry, or have previously carried, the the Diversification designation can be accessed through the "List of Diversification Courses" tab in the navigation bar above.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Membership of the Leeward CC Diversification Board

The Leeward CC Faculty Senate approved the following description of duties, responsibilities, and membership of the Diversification Board at its meeting of 16 April 2014.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Diversification Board is a semi-autonomous subcommittee of the Leeward CC General Education Board. The functions and responsibilities of the Diversification Board include:

  • Reviewing and approving all Diversification courses due for renewal;

  • Screening proposals for new Diversification course designations and reporting courses approved for designations to the Leeward CC Faculty Senate (for final approval) through the General Education Board Chair;

  • Working with appropriate Leeward CC campus personnel to ensure smooth articulation of Diversification courses to other UH System campuses.

Membership and Leadership

Membership and leadership of the Diversification Board are determined according the following criteria:

  • Membership is open to eligible faculty teaching in a Diversification area;

  • Membership is composed of 6-12 voting members, with a goal of representation from each of the Diversification areas;

  • Members of the board elect the Chair;

  • The Diversification Board reports to the Leeward CC Faculty Senate through the General Education Board Chair;

  • The Chair (or member(s) designated by the Chair) attend(s) all UH System Diversification meetings.