CJSF Members will:

  • Show they are RESPECTFUL by being on time to meetings, turning in their paperwork by its due dates,and being good listeners.
  • Take OWNERSHIP of their commitment to do community service by tracking it on their service card.
  • COOPERATE with each other and their advisors.
  • Demonstrate KINDNESS through community service.
  • Value SAFETY at all times.

Rosemont CJSF Policies & Expectations

1. Membership is open to students who have earned points totaling twice that of the number of academic classes attempted. See the Membership Points Worksheet to calculate points.

2. Active members are expected to attend 2 meetings and complete 6 service events per semester.

3. There will always be a make-up meeting the next school day at snack. If you are out sick for multiple days and miss both the Thursday and the Friday meeting, bring a parent note to an advisor.

4. In order to be eligible for the Disneyland Celebration Trip, 8th graders must be an Active Member (attend all meetings and complete service) for BOTH semesters this school year; and 7th graders must be an Active Member (attend all meetings and complete service) for spring semester only.

5. Bring your service card to every meeting.

6. Do not lose your attendance/service card - it’s our only record of your service.

7. Service events that are eligible for service credit will be listed on the CJSF Service Card. You need to have the event coordinator sign the service card, and you will write a brief description of your service to the event (i.e. for teacher help, you may describe that you helped post student work or set up classroom for Open House). ANY event that is NOT on the service card will NOT count towards service hours.

8. Service cards may be turned in early, but will not be accepted late. If you are absent on the final due date, it is your responsibility to make sure someone turns in your service card to an advisor by 3:00PM.

9. Visit to see meeting and event dates, as well as sign up for our email newsletter to receive reminders about meetings, deadlines, and to learn about new events between meetings!