Welcome Rosemont Smarties!

California Junior Scholarship Federation is a state-wide organization that fosters high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship by the students of California's public and private junior high and middle schools.

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What is CJSF?

Rosemont's chapter of CJSF is a club of Rosemont's "Smarties". In order to join, students must demonstrate high academic and citizenship grades. CJSF members are expected to attend ONE meeting and complete THREE service events each semester that benefit the school or the community. Most community service opportunities are organized by the club's advisors and presented to students at the two meetings held each semester or through our email newsletter.

Why should I join?

With CJSF, you have the opportunity to volunteer and be a positive influence in your community.

If you are a member for three semesters while you are at Rosemont, you will be an Honor Member, receive special recognition, a pin to wear at promotion, and a seal on your diploma. Honor Members get fast tracked into CSF in high school, which will help you to qualify for scholarship opportunities for college!

Tell me more!

Learn more by clicking here. No applications will be accepted late.

Who are the advisors?

Rosemont's CJSF is run by Ms. Avery and Mrs. Kracker. If you have questions about CJSF, contact them by email or private comment in the CJSF Google Classroom.

How can I stay informed about CJSF events?

Please visit or subscribe to the Rosemont CJSF Google Calendar. All of the meetings and events on the service card are also on the Google Calendar. Details about the events can be found there as well.

Rosemont CJSF has an email newsletter to help students and their families stay informed about meetings, events, and new community service opportunities that become available during the course of the year.

The CJSF Seal