Who can join?

Eighth grade students may apply in BOTH the Fall and Spring semesters. Seventh grade students may apply ONLY in the Spring.

How do I become a member?

In order to become a member of CJSF, students must apply at the beginning of each semester. Listen to the morning announcements or consult the CJSF calendar for application due dates. Students should bring their final semester report card from the previous semester with their application for an advisor to review. Please note, that because CJSF is a state-wide organization we cannot make exceptions about the academic requirements for CJSF, nor can we accept applications late.

What are the requirements for membership?

Membership is open to students who have earned points totaling twice that of the number of academic classes (English, math, science, history and, if applicable, Spanish, FLAG, or ELD) attempted. PE and electives (except languages) do not count toward point totals.

You must earn a total of 8 points (unless you took FLAG, Spanish or ELD, and, in that case, you must earn 10 points).

  • Each “A” in an academic class is worth THREE points.
  • Each “B” in an academic class is worth ONE point.
  • Students may earn an extra point for “above grade level” courses if they earned an “A” or a “B.” Students may earn no more than 2 extra points per semester.
  • ONLY the following classes earn an extra point: ADV English, ADV History, Integrated Math 1, Geometry, CV Math Courses, Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-4, FLAG.
  • A grade of a “D”, “F”, or “U” will disqualify a student from participation.

To become a member, you must complete an application and turn it on or before the deadline. Applications will not be accepted late for any reason. When you turn your application and dues in to your advisor, please bring your most recent semester report card to expedite your application. We will return the report card to you immediately. When you join, we will also be collecting donations to help pay for the costs of running the club. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.


Learn more about the application process by viewing this informational slideshow.

Download your application or pick one up from Ms. Avery or Mrs. Kracker at snack or lunch. Applications can be turned in at snack or lunch from September 5 - 12. No application will be accepted after 3PM on September 12.

If you have questions about the application process, please talk to Ms. Avery or Mrs. Kracker at snack or after school.