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Welcome to Chorus!

This site will be updated regularly with information about music we are learning, performance information, and other chorus information. All forms and documents will be kept on the site.

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If you would like to chaperone a field trip, help with concerts, or help in the classroom, you must first be cleared as a volunteer. You must be cleared as a Level 2 Volunteer. This requires a district form, and a driver's license to be brought to our front office. Please see Mrs. Duck. The information, instructions, and form can be found at PARENT VOLUNTEER INFO

Please see your individual class page and your weekly planner on the left to find out more detailed information.

There are FOUR very important technology items that all chorus students must take care of immediately!

1) Sign up for Remind

2) Sign up for Music Prodigy

3) Access your class Google Classroom daily

4) Chromebook Expectations and Guidelines

#1 How do I sign up for Remind?

Two ways…Choose one!

On your phone using the “text” feature:

1) Text 81010 where you’d normally write the phone number of a person you are about to text.

2) Where you’d normally write a TEXT, you enter the code below of the CLASS you are in. You MUST use the “@” that is in front of the code or it won’t work.

If you don’t have a phone:

1) Use your computer or tablet (you can submit an email address).

2) Join online: Visit and enter the class code along with your mobile phone number or email address. You'll get text notifications at the number or email address that you entered.

Here are the Remind Codes for 2019-2020

6th grade 2nd period: @9adk62

6th grade 5th period: @c7e6dee

7th Grade 1st period: @9adk62

7th Grade 4th period: @grch7int

8th Grade 3rd period guitar: @gmsguitar

8th Grade 6th period Advanced: @grch8adv

This task must be completed no later than Monday, September 10th. It is a requirement for this class.

#2: Sign Up for Music Prodigy

Music Prodigy Guidance for Chorus Students

What is Music Prodigy?

Music Prodigy is a computer/app based program that allows chorus students to practice sight singing, and to take tests to assess their sight singing ability.

Click here to learn more.

As a Greer Middle School Chorus student, am I required to use Music Prodigy?

Yes. There are no exceptions.

What if I don’t have a smart phone?

Use a computer at home or school or use a friend’s smart phone or your Chromebook.

How will I get a grade from Music Prodigy?

When you sing into your device, Music Prodigy will assign a grade based on the accuracy of your singing. You can use “Practice mode” many times before using Assessment mode. However, the grade will only count if you use ASSESSMENT mode. Mrs. Alba can see the grade immediately, and many times,s he will record that grade into her grade book. You will know ahead of time whether a specific assignment will count. Mrs. Alba can also listen to the recording of your singing from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

How do I get started with Music Prodigy?

For all instructions regarding set up of Music Prodigy on your device, click this link.

What is the deadline for the set up of Music Prodigy?

Every chorus student must be registered and signed in no later than Friday, September 14th. If you took chorus with me last year, you need to make sure you are able to access your account by September 14th. If you’ve forgotten passwords or emails addresses, you must solve that no later than September 14th. The first assignment will be given very soon after that date. Once the first assignment is given, no excuses will be accepted regarding account access.

If you do not set up an account, you will receive “0’s” on all assignments.

Completing assignments in class:

On certain days, you will be asked to bring your portable device (smart phone or Chromebook) to school so that you can complete an assignment during class time. If you don’t have a portable device, you have two options:

You will have to complete the assignment on your own computer or on a school computer that same night for homework, OR you can sign into your account using a friend’s phone if they are willing to allow you to do that. You must use class time wisely. If you forget your phone that day, you will receive a “0”.

Completing assignments at home:

Some days, you will be asked to complete assignments at home for homework. You will only be given one week to do those assignments. If they are late, you will receive a 50% reduction in score.

You must always complete your assignments in ASSESSMENT mode in order to get a grade.

Here are the codes for Music Prodigy for 2019-2020

1st period 7th grade: evz399

2nd period 6th grade: nqt451

3rd period guitar: NOT ACTIVE YET

4th period 7th grade: dpu570

5th period 6th grade: 840dfw

6th period 8th grade: 558knr

#3 The Google Classroom

This year, a lot of your work in chorus will be submitted or returned using Google Classroom. You must check Google Classroom each day to see if an assignment has been uploaded, even if we do not use chrome books in class that day.

#4 Chromebook Guidelines

Chromebooks are utilized in every class at different times. While we do not use Chromebooks everyday in class, the following guidelines:

  • A red (no chromebook), yellow (get it out, but keep it closed until instructed otherwise), or green (get it out and log into Google Classroom right away) sign will be posted outside the classroom each day. Students know if they need their Chromebook before they walk in the room.
  • While using the Chromebook, students must remain seated at all times.
  • While using the Chromebook, students must only visit the site or sites which are included in the lesson.
  • All sound or videos must be watched with headphones.
  • Students are not allowed to complete work for other classes while using technology during class.
What is Family University?

This year the GMS Chorus Program is participating in the MyCokeRewards for Schools program. This means that for every Coca-Cola product(Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Seagrams, Poweraid, MinuteMaid, Barq's, Fresca, Fuze, Mello Yello, Pibb, and Tab) you drink, you can donate the points code (found on the caps of all bottles, the opening of the boxes, and the plastic wrap of 32-36 can packs) to Greer Middle School. These points will be converted to cash, which is then sent directly to the Greer Middle School Chorus. The great thing about this fundraiser, is that you do not have to do anything but continue to drink the drinks you already use in your home.

All you need to do is send in your bottle caps, cardboard points, and plastic codes to Mrs. Alba to be donated on your behalf.