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International Thespian Society
Kingswood Regional High School Troupe #921


Troupe #921 was re-established in April of 2012.  Our goal is the same as the ITS goal. To bring recognition to those students who are dedicated to the high school’s theater program and enhance the students experience with live theater and workshops.

Students who apply for Thespians-

  • Be at least a sophomore. 
  • Be involved in any aspect of theater, stage, crew, tech, music, costuming etc…
  • Be willing to mentor younger members of  theater
  • Have a passing grade point average
  • Have participated in at least 3 Kingswood productions and have earned at least 11 of the 16 points required for membership at Kingswood Theater. The other points may be earned at other theaters.

Since we are still fairly new, we are growing in our goals and activities and hope that with every new inductee that they can bring into the troupe new ideas and desires that they would like to see the troupe achieve.


Our Current Goals

  1. Recognition by the School authorities and the Towns that Kingwood takes THEATER seriously and that we want to make sure that our talented students get recognized by them.
  2. Recognition by the other schools that we are part of the International Thespian Society.
  3. Enhancing the student’s theater experience by traveling to local venues to see live theater and attending theater workshops.
  4. Leadership Opportunities for the students.  Become an officer in the troupe. Learn how to run an organization and to solve issues and make decisions for the group:  productions, trips, liaison between drama director and students, community service opportunities etc…  This is especially important to those applying to college.
  5. Award Ceremony/Graduation - Have the opportunity to get recognized at Graduation Awards ceremony with scholarships and awards,  (Plaque, tassel, pins)
  6. Fundraising -Earn money for student awards, membership dues, pins and trips so the cost of these items are not prohibitive to the student.

Troupe Funds-  We earn money for trips, activities and troupe items by selling concessions at Kingswood Theater events.  This includes:  Kingswood theater shows, Dancing with the Community Stars,  Wolfeboro Children’s Summer theater productions and other private events.   It is important that all members of the troupe volunteer when they are available.
Thespian Activities and Events

  • Free membership and induction pin to all new members*  ($37.00 Value)
  • Two 2014 Graduates received Theater Scholarships.  The Thespian troupe donated money towards those scholarships with money they earned throughout the year.
  • Trips to locals theater with part or all of the trip part of  with troupe funds *
  • Yearbook photo with all thespians.
  • May- Awards to all Senior Thespian members
  • End of year celebration.

*As Funds Allow

We hope that all the theater students strive to become a member of the Kingswood High School International Thespian Society.  Please see a current Thespian member if you have any questions.
If you feel you may be eligible, fill out a  student application and  show list form and it will be reviewed for your eligibility.
If you have any questions please call Gina Aponte at 515-1222 or   e-mail

Troupe Director: Gina Aponte, parent volunteer- 
Thespian member since 1976, Hicksville High School Theater,  Kingswood Theater parent volunteer since 2009

“Act well your part, for their all honor lies”

Application and Show List Forms: Click to Download