Kingswood Theater is Kingswood Regional High School's award winning Theater Program. The Kingswood Theater Program fosters a family environment and a love for the performing arts. The program promotes self-esteem, a good work ethic, responsibility and respect for others. Students will learn about all the aspects of producing a theatrical performance, including: acting, directing, prop management, costume design, set building, technical theater and publicity. Our goal is to create a play that is 100% produced by the students. The end result is always positive with new friends, happy memories and skills & talents discovered. If you are interested in learning about performing on stage, public speaking, or building confidence, then perhaps our program is for you.

COMMITMENT: First and foremost, grades, health and family will always be a priority. Second, students making a commitment to be part of the show will be expected to attend practices on a regular basis whether they are part of the cast or the crew. Nearing the performance time, dress rehearsals will stretch to 7:30pm. It is imperative that we do not stray from the outlined schedule, therefore, if you will be missing a rehearsal for a doctor's appointment or other special commitment, please contact Mr. Giessler well ahead of that missed rehearsal. Please read our STUDENT CONTRACT for explanation of our absence policy. Frustrations and challenges are all part of the creative process, so parents, be prepared for your son/daughter to voice their struggles.

If you would like to find out more about working on cast or crew, click here.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT As previously stated, our program prides itself on the students' self-sufficiency. However, parent volunteers and extra hands are always appreciated! After meeting with other drama coaches from around the state, I have found the students who get the most out of are program are those with parental support. Even the smallest parental help can make the greatest impact on how your child views their importance in the entire process. I also use e-mail to quickly and efficiently communicate with parents and families on a regular basis. An informed family is a happy family! We ask that all parents please provide the director with an e-mail address for this purpose. I can be contacted, however, in many ways: sgiessler@govwentworth.k12.nh.us or by phone at school 569-4361. Do not hesitate to call and ask questions.

Meet The Staff

Scott Giessler

KRHS Director

Norman Adjutant

Assistant Director



Michael Allfrey



Society Head

Bobby Burns Kaylin Dean

Music Director Choreographer

Susan Fuller

Theater Boosters Head