Videos for Stage Combat

Stage Combat Choreography.pdf

Songs for rehearsing:

Yee Ha Ha Intro - Ethan and Franklin

Yee Ha Ha Intro - Juliet

Yee Ha Ha Intro - Lizzy and Bella

Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day

Finale - Alto

Finale - Tenor

Finale - Soprano


Whether you are planning to be cast or crew, here are some important dates to mark in your calendar:

December 3rd & 4th (2:30pm - Late Bus): Cast and Crew meeting for script read aloud and production schedule planning.

December 9th & 10th (2:30pm - Late Bus): Audition dates. Actors, please sign up for one date or the other to attend.

December 11th (2:30pm - Late Bus): Callbacks for auditioners. By e-mail invitations.

December 13th (2:30pm - 5pm): Cast & Crew Meeting

February 17th through 20th: Rehearsals past late bus

March 2nd through 5th: Dress & Tech rehearsals past late bus.

March 6th & 7th (7:00pm): Public Performances

March 20th - March 22nd: Hosting & Performing at Festival (Full days)

(April 3rd & 4th: State Festival Hosted at Gilford High School)


Crews will meet on the 3rd & 4th to setup full schedules for each department. It's likely the crew schedules will be as follows:

Set Crew: Mondays-Thursdays and Sundays

Costume Crew: Mondays through Fridays

Tech Crew: Mondays, Wednesdays through Fridays