STUDENTS:Primary Festival Job
Fogg, ElizabethAdjudicator Host
Milbourn, JoieAdjudicator Host
Rodil, AutumnGreen Room Assistant
Hardy, CharlotteGreen Room Assistant
Hidalgo, Paulo          Green Room Asst.
Murray, Mareina     Usher/Door Guard
Humer, Dan
School 1 Host
Pallidino, MariannaSchool 1/ Forum Leader
Champagne, AliSchool 2 Host
Matos, MikaylaSchool 2/ Forum Leader
Gauthier, CyrusSchool 3 Host
Barron, GarrisonSchool 3/ Forum Leader
Sutherland, EmilySchool 4 Host
Nelson, ConnorSchool 4/ Forum Leader
Doherty, PatrickSchool 5 Host
Connelly, RebeccaSchool 5/ Forum Leader
Joie MilbournForum Leader
Eldridge, GannonDoor Guard / Usher
Keniston, DanDoor Guard / Usher
Miller, KaitlinDoor Guard/ Usher
Matheson, HansonStage Manager
Davis, KodiStage Manager
Caudle, Julianna        - Stage Crew         
Roche, Meg
Tech Host (Lighting)
Anderson, GwynTech Host (Sound)
Aucoin, CaileyTech Host (Spotlight)
Bonnevie, JackieTimer & Lobby Decorations
Cates, JulianTimer & Lobby Decorations
Holland, KellyTimer & Lobby Decorations


Adjudicator Hosts   1/23

Green Room Assistants  1/24

Stage Manager/Stage Crew/Load In Hosts  1/25

Timers  1/30

Door Guard/Usher  2/1

School Hosts  2/6

MCs   2/7

Forum Leaders 2/8

Rehearsal Resources

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Black and White Makeup Tutorial

Black and White Makeup Tutorial

Black and White Makeup Tutorial

Black and White Makeup Tutorial