About Us

About Smith Middle School

Smith Middle School is dedicated to the ideal of educating all students to live successfully in a democratic society.  We believe in providing all of our students with rich and varied curricula that challenge and encourage a love of learning and understanding of self. 

With a strong belief in the success and strength of a middle school, we are divided into five grade 7 and five grade 8 teams.  Our teams, comprised of a smaller group within the larger school population, create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance that is more conducive to the needs and issues surrounding adolescents.  Students attend all academic classes with their teams and teachers have the opportunity to meet together to plan, discuss and share in a collaborative, professional framework.  Administrators and support staff also attend team meetings on a weekly basis.  Teams hold monthly town meetings to plan events, address concerns and discuss issues pertaining to team.

 Our elective program is unique in that students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses.  These choices will become a more integrated fabric of their later education and perhaps even their life’s vocation.

Our focus is on the whole child, academically, emotionally and physically.  Strong course work and character development, good decision making skills and healthy bodies are all part of the education at Smith. We encourage parents to join with us in this awesome task and thank you for trusting us with your precious children.