Administrative Team

From left to right: Mrs. Tessie Cruz, Mr. Jay Antonio, Mrs. Patricia Anub, Acting GDOE Deputy of ESCL, Dr. Barbara Adamos, Acting Prinicpal Mr. Jonathan Pilarca,  and Ms. Catherine Diniega.

Hafa Adai!

The Administrative Team of John F. Kennedy High School welcome you to a brand new school year 2023-2024!

Mr. Jonathan Pilarca

Educational Background:

                Acting Principal                

Hafa Adai! Welcome to the home of the Islanders!  On behalf of the administrative team, it gives me great pride and pleasure to  continue the school year!   School year 2023-2024 will be filled with new knowledge and  experiences that we hope will be memorable for all.  As we move forward into this brand new school year, students must remember that learning is the most important goal. In order to carry out that goal, we all must respect ourselves and others, be responsible for what we do, and finally, be safe.

Thank you and have a great school year!


Mrs. Patricia Anub

  • B.A. Secondary Education with a speciality in Social Studies, University of Guam
  • Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Educational Administration and Supervision
  • Years at GDOE:  14 years
  • Years at JFKHS:    6 years
  • Social Studies Teacher: 2010- 2017
  • Assistant Principal: 2018 - present

Mr.  Jay Antonio

  • Master of Science in Leadership in Educational Administration, Capella University, 2019
  • Bachelors of Art in Sports Medicine, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia, 1997
  • High School, John F. Kennedy. 1993
  • Years of Service (GDOE): 27 years
  • Years at JFKHS:  15 years
  • Physical/Health Education:  1997 – 2018
  • JFKHS Athletic Director:  2011-2018
  • Assistant Principal:  2018 - present

 Ms. Catherine Diniega

  • B.A. Biology, University of Guam
  • Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum and Instruction in Technology, University of Phoenix
  • Years at GDOE:  34 years
  • Years at JFKHS:   9 years
  • Science Teacher: 1990- 2011
  • Assistant Principal: 2011- present 

Mr. Jonathan Pilarca 

  • Masters in Human Relations, University of Oklahoma, 2005 
  • Bachelors of Art in Mathematics and Secondary Education , University of Guam, 1998
  • High School, John F. Kennedy. 1994
  • Years of Service (GDOE): 26 years
  • Years at JFKHS:  26 years
  • Mathematics Teacher: 1998 – 2010
  • Guidance Counselor:  2010 - 2018
  • Assistant Principal: 2018 - present.
    "Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela 

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment and Freshman Academy
Special Programs,  Interscholastic Sports, and Technology Supports     

Attendance, Student Activities, and Section 504
Student Support Services - Discipline

Mrs. Tessie Cruz

  • 1990 - 1993: Clerk Typist II, Inarajan Middle School
  • 1993-1994: Data Control Clerk II, Special Ed Division                    
  • 1993-1995: Secretary Typist II, Inarajan Middle School 
  • Feb 1996-July: 1996 Administrative Secretary, Seattle School District
  • 1996-2004: Secretary Typist II, Associate Superintendent's Office
  • 2004-2009: Administrative Assistant, Deputy Superintendent's Office
  • May 2011 - June 2011: Administrative Assistant, JM Guerrero Elementary School
  • June 2011 - present: Administrative Officer, John F. Kennedy High School

Administrative Officer