Getting Involved



Are you interested in helping to steer the development of this online resource site? We are looking for 2-3 volunteers who can join our core team of Extension Master Gardener Coordinators. As part of the team, you can help us:

    1. Manage resource reviews,
    2. Expand and improve this resource site,
    3. Recruit peer reviewers,
    4. Identify stellar resources in volunteer program management and administration,
    5. Support Extension Master Gardener Coordinators across the United States and beyond.

You should be prepared to dedicate an average of 5 hours per month to this project. We ask that you commit to a 12-month term on the leadership team.

Questions? Feel free to ask us, by leaving a comment below.

Are you be willing to serve as a peer-reviewer of 2-3 resources? The reviews are submitted online, and should take about 1 hour per resource ~ including time to read or view the resource. The online survey has been structured to make the process clear and easy. Once you finish reviewing 2-3 resources, you do not have to do any more!

The benefits you’ll get from serving as a reviewer include:

    1. Professional service at the national level (if up for promotion/tenure ~ this may be helpful).
    2. A chance to learn more about various aspects of volunteer management and program administration (through the act of reading and reviewing posted materials).
    3. Contributing to the development of a site that will support you and your fellow EMG Coordinators.

In order to ensure a rigorous review process, we ask that peer reviewers:

    1. Have at least 2 years' professional experience as a Master Gardener coordinator (at the state or county level),
    2. Follow through in a timely fashion, in completing all assigned reviews,
    3. Be fair and objective in a critical and thorough review of resources


Sheri T. Dorn, University of Georgia, Editor

Cynthia Nazario-Leary, University of Hawaii, Resource Editor

John Freeborn, Virginia Tech, Evaluation Editor

Terri James, University of Nebraska-LIncoln, Repository Site Editor

Charlotte Glen, North Carolina State University, Peer Reviewer Editor

John Orick, Purdue University, eMag Producer