Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program Resources

Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Coordinators, this page is for you.

Here you will find resources and that have been created and reviewed by your colleagues, and that are intended to support your efforts in EMG volunteer management and administration. We hope you find this website useful, and welcome your suggestions for improvements.

You can learn more about the history and rationale for this site, with this Journal of Extension article.

Mean scores (out of 100) plus or minus (+/-) standard deviations for usefulness, transferability and science-based material are listed for each. As a general rule, only resources with scores of 75 or higher are included in this resource repository. Lower-scoring resources may be listed, until a suitable replacement is identified.

  • Communicating Impact

  • eMag Archives

  • Online Resources for EMG Coordinators

  • Creating a Master Gardener Program

  • Engaging & Teaching Adults

  • Engaging & Teaching Youth

  • Program Evaluation - Internal

  • Program Evaluation - External

  • Conflict Management

  • Development & Retention of EMG Volunteers

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • National EMG Volunteer Program Summaries

  • Recruitment, Selection & Placement of EMG Volunteers

  • Youth Programs

  • Demonstration Gardens

  • Innovative Projects

  • Workshops/Presentations

  • Special Needs Audience

  • Community Service Projects