Explorer Poster Project

For this project the students will be doing research about an explorer and then making a digital poster about that explorer. The students will be using World Book Online and FactCite as sources. Both of these databases can be searched at the same time while logged into Destiny.


To begin research:

  1. Go to destiny.etownschools.org
  2. Select Bear Creek.
  3. Click on Log In (upper right corner).
  4. Login with your regular school issued username and password. *If you don't login you will not be able to search the databases!
  5. Click on Destiny Discover.
  6. Type your topic in the search bar and press return on your keyboard.

When students finish their research packet they should show it to Mrs. Hibshman for a grade and then begin making their digital poster about their explorer.


To create the poster:

  1. Login to Google (google.com)
  2. Switch to Google Drive.
  3. Create a new drawing by clicking on NEW, then More, and finally Google Drawings.
  4. Refer to the Explorer Poster Rubric to be sure that you are meeting the project requirements.

Explorer Poster Rubric

Marco Polo Explorer Poster Example

Project Directions and Instructions