About Me Multimedia Project

Project Introduction

For this project students will be using Google Presentation to create a multimedia presentation about themself. These presentations will give the students both the chance to share a little bit about themselves and a chance to learn a little bit about their classmates!

Some examples of things that students may want to include are:

  • family
  • pets
  • hobbies
  • favorites:
    • favorite animal
    • favorite sport
    • favorite team(s)
    • favorite food
    • favorite subject
    • favorite TV show
    • favorite song
    • favorite color
    • favorite book
    • etc.

Example: About Me - by Mr. Gontz

Multimedia Planning Sheet / Storyboard

Planning Sheet / Storyboard Rubric (This rubric is for the homework only!)

Multimedia Rubric

Google Presentation Help/Resources: