Creating a Maze Game in Scratch


  1. Open Scratch and then return to this page.
  2. Watch Video #1 AND as you are watching it pause it and switch between the video and Scratch until you have completed all of the tasks in the video.
  3. Repeat for remaining videos!
Creating a Maze in Scratch.webm

Video 1

This video shows you how to draw a maze on the stage (background) in Scratch. For this project try to draw a simple maze. It can be any color but it should be a solid color.

Adding a Sprite and Movement to a Sprite.webm

Video 2

This video shows you how to add a new sprite from the Library, copy code from one sprite to another, and make a sprite move left, right, up, and down using the arrow keys in on your keyboard.

Keeping Your Sprite from Going through the Walls of Your Maze.webm

Video 3

This video shows you how to make the sprite go back to the beginning of the maze after touching any of the walls of your maze.

Making Lives Counter and Having a You Lose Sprite Appear.webm

Video 4

This video shows you how to add a lives counter and make a "You lose." sprite and have it appear if the player runs into the walls of the maze a specified number of times.

Having You Win Appear When You Reach the End of the Maze.webm

Video 5

This video shows you how to add a "YOU WIN!!!" sprite and have it appear and play a sound when the player reaches the end of the maze.

Adding a Timer to Your Maze.webm

Video 6

This video shows you how to add a timer that starts at a time you specify and then counts down by 1 second at a time until it reaches 0. When the timer reaches 0 if you have not reached the end of the maze You lose. will appear.