Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers’ main tasks will be to help with...
running the circulation desk -- checking materials out and in 

  •  reshelving books, magazines, and AV materials 
  •  “reading” shelves (checking shelves to make sure books belong there, are in the correct order, and arranged neatly) 
  • rearranging and clearing tables and dusting shelving as needed
  • assisting students with craft projects

Occasional, “as needed” tasks might include such things as...
  • assisting others with the OPAC (online catalog) 
  • proofreading letters, signs and other written materials 
  • pulling and checking out books for class projects 
  • helping with processing new books and materials 
  • stamping library ownership 
  • covering paperbacks with clear contact paper or hardback dust jackets with mylar covers 
  • repairing books 
  • creating signs 
  • creating and preparing bulletin boards and displays 
  • assisting with inventory