Disclosure Statement

One of the big problems in corporate governance and amongst those with public-ish profiles online is a lack of transparency into their financial relationships and fiduciary responsibilities.

Primarily, I work as a Director in Engineering for Google and have done so since August, 2004. All of the following relationships are known by the code of conduct/conflicts department at Google or above. Additionally, I am an advisor and equity participant in Google Ventures.

I am an adviser and/or equity participant in:

The Royal United Services Institute

Rally Ventures

Mercury Fund






Archived Relationships



Mixed Media Labs



On the occasion that there is a conflict with Google I have and will recuse myself from consulting on these matters. This typically happens when online advertising or search companies are brought before any of these entities. In general, I do not make funding decisions for any of the above. Happy to do introductions if you're my kind of thing.

I also run Science Foo Camp with Nature and O'Reilly, and have edited/written a few books for the latter, as well. My IMDB page lists my media work (Silicon Valley, BCD, etc..)

Please let me know if you think I've missed a relationship that bears notation.