Chris DiBona is a Director of Engineering at Mountain View, Ca. based Alphabet. His team oversees open source use and release and has a broad mandate to ensure the health of the open source developer community. In his time at Google he has helped release Android, ,Chromium, Kubernetes, Go, Tensorflow and has brought tens of thousands of new people to open source development through the Summer of Code program.

He has been an advisor to the Royal United Services Institute, the worlds oldest defense and security think tank, since 2016, and under Obama, was a member of the US Commerce Departments Data Access Commission. Previously he spun up the All for good jobs site for the Obama administration with Jonathan Greenblatt.

Since 2015, he has helped create Fractured Veil, a video game set on far future Maui. Previously, Mr. DiBona has published two books on open source, countless articles and posts about the subject, has spoken thousands of times to venues big and small, helped the production of HBO's Silicon Valley, Amazon's Good Omens adaptation and long ago, was an editor for, a sometimes broadcaster for TechTV, a podcaster for Floss Weekly and is still podcasting for the same dumb podcast started in 1998, Geeks in Space. He is a limited partner with Rally Ventures and Mercury funds.

A proud husband and father, Mr. DiBona lives in Pacific Northwest and has a Masters in software engineering from Carnegie Melon University. was a visiting scholar/scientist at MIT Sloan and took *forever* to get his bachelors from George Mason University. He can be reached via Also available are profiles on wikipedia, imdb and a twitter feed which you can take a look at.

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