Under current public health guidelines and requirements, school districts in California are able to provide a full 5-day per week in-person instructional model. As per California Department of Public Health (CDPH), face masks will remain a requirement for students and staff in K-12 settings. Face masks are optional outdoors

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Definition of School Nursing

School nursing, a specialized practice of nursing, protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. School nurses, grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential.~Adopted by the NASN Board of Directors February 2017.

Health Services Staff

The School Nursing staff in the Desert Sands Unified School District includes 9 full-time California Credentialed School Nurses. In addition, 4 full time LVNS, 1 part time LVN and 5 Health Technicians assist the California Credentialed School Nurse in carrying out specialized health procedures for our students requiring such procedures during the school day. Each school Health Office is staffed by a combination of LVN’s, Health Techs and school site staff providing continuous staffing of the Health Office throughout the school day.

The school health offices are not always staffed by licensed nurses, however each school is assigned a California Credentialed School Nurse/Registered Nurse who is available by cell phone during school hours. School Nurses are also available for consultation with parents, teachers and children on an as needed basis.

Please contact your child's school to schedule an appointment with the School Nurse or email the nurse assigned to your child's school directly.

Roles & Responsibilities

As the district's only credentialed, licensed, qualified health professionals, School Nurses provide health care to students and staff. Services provided by Credentialed School Nurse's include, but are not limited to:

-State mandated audio-visual screening

-Visual acuity assessment

-Hearing assessment (audiometry)

-Developing, training, implementing and monitoring specialized physical health care procedures for students with chronic health conditions.

-Facilitating access to health care for students and staff

-Interpreting medical orders, medical reports and terminology for non-medical staff

-Maintain communication with parents and all involved community practitioners and agencies to promote needed treatment and secure reports of findings pertinent to educational planning

-Orientating and supervising school staff, including Health Aides, who are carrying out health care procedures assigned by the school nurse

-Educational presentations to staff on issues such as first aid, allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), seizure disorder, and diabetes care

-Collaborating with school staff on 504 and IEP plans for students with special needs

-Advocating for increased nursing services, career education, mentoring new nurses, and serving as preceptors for school nurse candidates

-Reviewing immunizations for compliance to State code


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