Robotics is (nearly) 
a full-school-year commitment 
Students of all ages 
are encouraged to join!

Room 432
From August to Mid October: Build-events Mondays & Thursdays 2:50-3:45 pm. 
Some non-advisory mornings may be possible, 7:00-7:50 am, if you email at least 12 hours beforehand.  
Late-October to April: Build, program, & drive events Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu 2:50-3:45 pm.  Students are required to attend at least 2 days per week.
April to June: Two days per week (TBD) 2:50-3:45 pm.  Focus on organizing and getting ready for the new game

Games are on weekends.  There will be approximately 4 weekend tournaments.  All members are required to attend these tournaments, even if their robot is not competing that day.  These are our only "games/competitions" all year, so it is expected that these dates become a priority for participants.

If a team/robot qualifies for Nationals or Worlds, the season will be extended for those members.

Team Banquet: sometime between March-June TBA.

Summer Schedule: not-required but may allow for a few build events.

For those with other commitments, please see if we are able to accommodate you by speaking with Mrs. Jacks and Mr. Black

Mrs. Jacks: 
Mr. Black:

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Welcome to DLS Robotics Page. 

VEX 2017-18 In the Zone Game

borrowed from To learn about how VEX competitions work, please visit the Web Links. 

DLS will have at least 3 teams this year (with at least 5 students per team).

We will work on building robots August through Thanksgiving.   
Our robot will be ready before Thanksgiving!

We will work on practicing our robots from Thanksgiving until mid- December.  

Each year we have our first 1-2 tournaments in December, followed by 2-3 more in January and February.  If we win one of those tournaments, we'll likely qualify and move on to the State tournament (see schedule below for dates), then to Nationals (
see schedule below for dates), then to Worlds (see schedule below for dates)

~It's about the 4th link down under Event Management

12/2/17 Nissan Technical Center North America. 39001 Sunrise Drive
Farmington Hills  Michigan 48331<-- click there for directions

12/16/17 Cranbrook.  Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School for Boys
Cranbrook <-- click here for directions.  
8:00 AMCheck-in and Inspection
9:00 AMDrivers Meeting
9:10 AMQualification Matches begin and Skills fields open
12:00 PMLunch; Quals pause but Skills continues
12:30 PMQualification Matches resume
2:10 PMAlliance Selection
2:30 PMElimination Matches
4:30 PMAwards
5:00 PMCleanup & Departure

1/20/18 Webberville.  Webberville  <-- click here for directions
1/27/18 Monroe Community College 
2/25/18 States, if we qualify
April 2018Worlds, if we qualify

          see below for sample competition-day schedule
Example of a competition schedule:
Check-in and Inspection 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Qualifying Rounds & Skills Challenges Begin at 9:30am
Alliance Selections will start 15 minutes after the last qualification match. Playoff matches will begin 15 minutes after the alliance selections are concluded. 
Lunch Break 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
Playoff Rounds / Finals Approximately 2:30-4:00pm
Awards /Closing 4:00-4:30pm
Web Links <-- Click there for more.
Waiver (Participant Consent Form).  It's about the 4th link down under Event Management.
VEX Inventors Guide  use this to learn about how to build your robot

Learn to program VEX course online

All robot teams will plan to attend events
  • December at Cranbrook
  • December or January at Webberville
  • December or January at Nissan in Farmington Hills
  • January or February Monroe Community College
  • States/Worlds: Feb  and April 
  • (Must Qualify in a local competition to attend)
Old News and Locations:

@ Cranbrook <-- click here for directions.    information link
 @ Youthville, Detroit <-- click here for directionsArrive at 8 am.  Address: Next Energy  461 Burroughs Ave Detroit MI 48202 (directly across the street from WSU police headquarters and is a partner of Techtown).  
@ Webberville  <-- click here for directions
Farmington Hills <-- click here for directions
Address: Nissan Technical Center North America, 39001 Sunrise Drive.