SMS-Accelerated Programming

Accelerated Math, Advanced Language Arts, and Advanced Science @ Sierra Middle School

Sierra Middle School provides Accelerated Math, Advanced Language Arts, and Advanced Science opportunities for all students. Readiness for advanced learning opportunities in math, language arts, and/or science is determined in conjunction with the sending school and is based on a body of evidence including standardized test scores, classroom performance, student interest, and teacher recommendation. 

* Advanced Science will be offered as a new 8th grade course at SMS in the 2017-18 school year. 
**We will also be piloting an advanced Social Studies class in 8th grade this coming school year. 

In 7th grade,  advanced math students may be ready to enroll in Accelerated Math 7 or Algebra I. Both of these math levels are available at Sierra Middle School. We also offer Advanced Language Arts 7 on every 7th grade team. 

For 8th grade, advanced math students may be in Algebra I or Geometry.  Sierra’s ability to provide a Geometry class on-site is dependent on enrollment numbers, but Geometry will be available on-site during the 2017-18 school year. Advanced Language Arts 8 is offered at Sierra on every 8th grade team.
Will you be new to SMS for 2017-18? 
If you will be new to SMS as an incoming 7th or 8th grader for 2017-2018 please contact your child's future counselor or 
Sadie Levine (GT/RtI Facilitator) if you have questions about Accelerated Math,  Advanced Language Arts,  Advanced Science placement, or our Advanced Social Studies pilot. 
If you will be a continuing student at SMS for 2017-18, this is for you:
If you are currently a student at Sierra Middle School and you have questions about Accelerated Math, Advanced LA, or Advanced Science please make sure you discuss your options with your core teachers and your parents.  

Should you have any questions regarding Advanced programing or ALPs at Sierra Middle School, please contact:

SMS GT Facilitator