Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the B.A.S.E. stand for?
A: Before and After School Enterprise

Q:What does PGE BASE Program offer?
A: We offer Before School Care, After School Care, Half Day Kindergarten Enrichment, Full Day Care (during In -Service Days, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Break.

Q: Who can attend the BASE Program?
A: Any child who is enrolled in Douglas County Schools that is a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 13 years of age.

Q: How do I sign-up for BASE?
A. Please call 303-387-8095 or email Gina at gmvolpi@dcsdk12.org or Zilla at zrbonnell@dcsdk12.org
We will send you an information packet with everything you need to register.

Q: When are calendars due?
A: Payment calendars are due the Wednesday prior to the week you need service. They will need to be filled out online.  You may sign up after Wednesday prior if space is available.

Q: How do I pay for BASE?
A: Payments are due the Wednesday prior to the week you need service. All payments are made through SchoolCare Works.

Q: Are drop-ins available?
A: If you are currently enrolled in the PGE BASE Program drop-ins are available if space is available. Please check with the Program Manager or Assistant Program Manager to ensure space. Please call us at 303-387-8095 to make sure we can accommodate your child/children.

Q: Do you offer care when the school is closed?
A: We run a "Full-Day Program" on all but one of the teacher In-Service Days, Fall Break, Spring Break, Winter Break, and in the Summer.

Q: What do you do during these Full-Day Programs?
A: We take numerous field trips which include movies, bowling, gymnastics. We also ask the children for their input for favorite activities and field trips. We use the information collected by the children to plan our full days.

When we are staying at school on a full day we plan crafts, science experiments, play outside and in the gym.  The kids are never bored!