Delays/Closures/Early Dismissal/Refunds

Delayed Schedule: Unless otherwise notified, our schools that operate on a delayed schedule will start 90 MINUTES later than the normal start time. Our program is on a 90-minute delayed schedule in order to ensure that staff members arrive safely, children are adequately supervised, and Grounds personnel are able to clear parking lots and walkways in a timely manner. The Pine grove BASE program opens at 8:00 am when the school is on a 90-minute delayed schedule.

Cancellation of After School Activities: When after school activities are cancelled, our after school child care programs continue to operate on a normal schedule. Unless otherwise canceled by Douglas County School District.
You will receive an email notification regarding the cancellation of After School Activities.

Early Dismissal Schedule: On an early dismissal schedule, the BASE program closes at the same time the school dismisses all students in order to ensure the safety of staff members and children. Please be sure emergency contact information is current and make prior arrangements for your child on inclement weather days. You will receive an email notification regarding an early dismissal.

School Closure:  If our school is closed for the day, all programs and functions occurring in the building, including BASE program, are closed for the day.

Absences/Refunds/Schedule Changes: We will offer 2 credits per child per year. Credits do not transfer from year to year. Parents may add days after the scheduling cuff off if there is space available, and at a higher rate as outlined in the itemized fee schedule.

Inclement weather 
In case of closure of school, BASE closes as well. This includes full days during Colorado's winter months. You can find more information about snow closures and delays on In case of severe weather conditions save DCSD's Snow Line number: (303) 387- 7669. DCSD's website and Snow line will inform you on how schools and BASE program will proceed with any weather.