Welcome to the Tech Lab

The Elementary Technology Lab is where students are introduced to a variety of computer applications. This is more than a typing class. While students are taught the correct way of typing and given opportunities to increase their speed, they are learning far more valuable skills. The lab partners with the core content classes and provide practical experience for our young learners. Each grade level has lessons designed following OSPI's Technology Education guidelines and assessments. Because technology and science go hand-in-hand, students are learning about many science topics. Students are also working on critical thinking skills and problem solving.

Welcome to another great year!

Tech Lab Goals

The Tech Lab's goals for its students is to give them multiple opportunities to gain computing proficiency using a variety of software.

  • Correct keyboarding is a fundamental skill.
  • Compliance with the district's acceptable use policy.
  • Proper online behavior, including correct citing of other people's work and communication with other people.