Student-Athlete Rules and Guidelines for Athletics
As an athlete I am expected to abide by the following guidelines:
1. To apply myself to my studies and maintain to the best of my ability satisfactory grades minimum GPA of
2.0 with no more than 1 F, as per District policy and to be enrolled in a minimum of five classes (20 semester
SACMAL League Rules
Academic/Scholastic eligibility is a 2.0 grade point average, and no more than one “F” grade. A student shall not participate in any athletic event if he/she has not met the above requirement. The student who does not meet this requirement is scholastically ineligible. Eligibility is determined from grade after each official grading period (Quarter, Semester) and not weekly progress reports, or progress reports . For playing contests, one grading period does not end until the next one begins.



                                                        ATHLETIC CLEARANCE DEADLINES – FOR “TRYOUT” TEAMS:

1stSeason (Softball, Boys 6/7/8/ Basketball, Tennis and Track and Field) – August 31st

2ndSeason (Girls Soccer, Boys Volleyball) – October 5th

3rdSeason (Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Wrestling) – January 11th

4thSeason (Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country) – March 8th

Non “TRYOUT” Team deadlines will be announced in the Daily Bulletin.

We request an athletic contribution of $75.00 per athlete, per sport played.You are welcome to contribute early, but contributions do not guarantee a spot on the team with limited numbers/tryouts. Athletic contributions do not determine eligibility to try out for sports at Canyon; all students are welcome.  You can also join the boosters for $25.00, or become s Booster Sponsor with a $100, $200 or $300 donation(these do not take the place of individual athletic contribution). 

Cheer Practice 
Wednesday 2:30- 4:30 Thursday 3:30-5:30

Instructions for Registering Your Athlete:  SportsNet Inc. provides secure online registration services for high school athletic programs. Below are instructions for creating a parent/guardian user account and registering one or more athletes at Canyon Middle School.

Creating an Account

1. Go to https://sportsnethost.com/canyon-parent

2. Click the Create an Accountlink near the bottom of the screen

3. Enter the required information and submit the form

4. Log in to the system with your email address and password

5. Follow the instructions inside the system

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the following prior to attempting to register your child:

Ø  Your child’s CVUSD student identification number

Ø  The exact spelling of your child’s first and last name as it appears in official school records. You can check your official records through Aeries Parent Portal.

Ø  Your child’s active health insurance coverage information, including the name of the provider and the policy ID.if you do not have medical insurance coverage for your student, you must purchase Student Insurance. See District website http://www.cv.k12.ca.us/parents/student-insurancefor an application and instructions.

Registration Process: Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each screen and provide all required information. If you are unable to finish in a single session, the information you have already submitted will be saved and you can log back in at a later time to finish.

Important: The school will not receive your submission until you complete the entire process, ending with your final electronic signature on the last available screen. Be sure to check your email for a confirmation message after you have finished. Please be aware that submission of your child’s athletic packet does not grant instant clearance.page1image22240 page1image22400 page1image22560 page1image22720 page1image22880 page1image23040


For further information please contact Craig Nieves, Athletic Director, at cnieves@cv.k12.ca.us. If you need specific information about your child’s registration.
For general assistance, please email our support team at support@sportsnetinc.com. Our first available representative will get back to you shortly.