Citing Images - APA style

  • Have a figure number, usually abbreviated as "Fig. 1" for example.

  • Include artist's name (lastname, firstname), date (in parentheses), title of work, and work type (in brackets).

  • Medium and measurements and institution which houses the work may be included after the work type.

  • Include the source from which the image came from

    • For books, start with "From" followed by an italicized title, page number in parentheses, "by" the author, followed by date and publication information

    • For electronic resources, start with "Retrieved" and include retrieval date (month day, year) and "from: " followed by the URL.

  • Be consistent with caption display choices throughout your paper or slideshow.

Image scanned from a book reproduced in a text

Fig. 1. Neel, Alice (1975) Nancy and the Rubber Plant, [painting], oil on canvas, 203.4 x 91.4 cm. From Alice Neel (pg. 144), by Ann Temkin et al., 2000, New York: Harry N. Abrams.

Image downloaded from ARTstor reproduced in a text

Fig. 2. Weyden, Rogier van der (1430-1432) Saint Catherine of Alexandria, [diptych panel]. Retrieved September 30, 2009 from ARTstor:

Image downloaded from a museum website reproduced in a text

Fig. 3. Caravaggio (ca. 1600) The Denial of Saint Peter, [painting]. Retrieved September 29, 2009 from The Metropolitan Museum of Art website:

Image downloaded from Flickr Commons reproduced in a text

Fig. 4. Eakins, Thomas (1891) William Rudolf O'Donovan, [photograph]. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian institution. Retrieved September 29, 2009 from Flickr Commons:

Image downloaded from Flickr (personal images uploaded by others) reproduced in a text

Fig. 5. von Schmidt, Friedrich (1872-1883). Vienna Rathaus, [buildind]. Harshil Shah (2009) Vienna - Rathaus, [digital image]. Retrieved Septembe 14, 2012 from Flickr:

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