Psi Chi OFFICERS at Christopher Newport University


Welcome new officers!
Officers Fall 2015-Spring 2016
President: Julie Fortney
Vice President: Megan Ruhland
Treasurer: Lindsay Thomas
Secretary: Sarah Davis
Social Chair: Clarissa Perkins

Officers Fall 2014-Spring 2015
President: Marie Tate
Vice President: Lynn-Ellin Ziegler
Treasurer: Sarah Wagner
Secretary: Gabrielle Thai (fall semester), Julie Fortney (spring semester)
Social Chair: Kalli Wilson

Officers Fall 2013-Spring 2014
President:  Carson Yauger
Vice President : 
Prithika Selvavel
Secretary :  
Whitney Anderson (formerly Erin Coiley)
Programs Chair: 
Kalli Wilson
Treasurer:    open
Community Services Chair:    Lynn-Ellin Zeigler

Officers Fall 2012-Spring 2013

President    Allison Stafford
Vice President    Gabrielle Martin
Carson Yaugar
Treasurer    Danielle Barnett
Public Relations    Claire Brantley
Inductions Chair    Caitlin Alt
Community Services Chair    Prithika Selvavel
Programs Chair    Alexis Pham
Fundraising Chair    Lynn Ray

Information for officers
Chapter Officer Guidelines: Duties of Officers


Congratulations to
Ashley Prichard, CNU chapter president (2010-2011) on receiving Honorable Mention for the Psi Chi Head-quarter's Kay Wilson Leadership Award, 2011.

Former Officers Fall 2011-Spring 2012
President:Amanda Lane
Vice President: Annalucia Bays
Secretary: Clair Brantley
Treasurer : Brittany Brown
Foundation Ambassador: Gaby Martin
Induction Officer: Allison Stafford
Fundraising Chair: Kylie Woodrum

Left to right: Prof Dow, Kylie Woodrum, Amanda Lane, Gaby Martin, Tessa Packer,  Annalucia Bays, Allison Stafford

Faculty Advisor
Gayle T Dow, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Former Officers

President: Ashley Prichard
Vice President Emma Mehrabis
Secretary: Barbara Davis
Inductions Officer: Josh Sturmfels
Treasurer : Dara Gruber
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