Classroom Conduct

Along with the obvious school and classroom rules, students should be aware that being in high school requires a great deal of personal responsibility.  Students will abide by the academic integrity and honor code as outlined by the teacher.  Respect for all persons (adults and students) and others’ opinions in the classroom is mandatory.  Nothing considered unkind or inconsiderate, or profanity, defaming remarks, references to drugs, alcohol, sexuality, or other unsuitable issues will be tolerated.  All writing or speaking a student performs in class must be appropriate.  In addition, all websites, graphics, and documents that a student uses/creates/browses in this class must also be appropriate.
Basic School and Classroom Rules

·         A copy of this course syllabus/outline must be kept in the student’s binder at all times for easy reference.

·         A copy of the CNEC Student Planner must be kept in the student’s binder at all times. 

·         Students must:dress according to the CUSD dress code guidelines.

·         All cell phones and/or I-pods must be turned off and put away from the time school starts until the end of the school day.

·         Students may not chew gum on campus.

·         Students must be on time to class and bring all required supplies.

·         Students will not disrupt the learning process.

·         Students must complete classroom assignments neatly and turn them in on time.

·         Students must be respectful of others.

·         Students must use appropriate language.

·         Students must help keep the classroom and school facilities, materials, and equipment clean and in order.

·         Students must use common sense and make every effort to do what is right.