Celina K-8 would like to thank Mrs. Hannah Brown and Miss Austa Weir for their hard work on the paintings honoring our local police, fire, and rescue workers. Thank you so much ladies!!! It is a beautiful reminder that we see each day on our campus!!!!

School Pictures will be made September 14th. Remakes will be made October 14th.

Clay County Schools Substitute Teacher Training

October 15th @ 1:00

CLICK HERE to learn more!

We want to thank Officer Lindsey or his service to our country and our school. We appreciate all he does to keep our school safe!

2021 Covid Attendance and Instruction Guidance

Any student that tests positive for covid, or at the written recommendation of their physician is quarantined shall remain out of school for the time the letter states. Any student that meets the above statement will be placed on temporary remote instruction and will continue to be counted present while continuing their academic work from home until the quarantine period is over as stated by the above medical professional. During this time all attendance shall be coded in Skyward using the V code.

Clay County General Flyer - Introduction.pdf

No deliveries of gifts to the school. This includes deliveries from flower shops.