Fox Chapel Area School District Choral Department


The Fox Chapel Area choral department is committed to offering each student the opportunity to grow artistically, expressively, intellectually, emotionally, and physically through the rehearsal and performance of the finest choral literature available. Each ensemble will offer its members the opportunity to develop citizenship and a strong sense of self-discipline. They also help increase the social interaction between students while broadening their cultural appreciation of the fine arts. The fine arts are essential in education in that they provide students with the means to think, feel, and understand the world around them in ways that are unique and distinct from other disciplines. For these reasons, it is the goal of the Fox Chapel Area Choral Department to provide each student with the means of becoming a self-directed, life-long learner of the arts.

The Fox Chapel Area High School Music Department is proud to be the recipient of an “Exemplary Educational Program Credential” in music from the Middle States Association. Fox Chapel Area is the first public school in the country to be recognized with this honor.
Fox Chapel Area School District was named a 2018 Best Community for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation. For more information visit