Volunteer Opportunities

CET PTA Volunteer Opportunities

Email us at cetpta@gmail.com to volunteer or learn more!

Now seeking volunteers for:

Volunteers can be individuals or teams.  Support from the PTA Executive Committee is always available.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who previously organized these important events and activities.  Good luck in your new adventures and to those moving up to PVC! 

Special Events

Look for one-off opportunities to help out at school events!

Class Parent Information

Classroom teachers will chose one or two people to be Class Parent(s) for the school year. The selection process is the responsibility of each individual teacher. Class Parents will receive some guidance and communication from the PTA Class Parent Liaison. 

Have you been chosen to be a Class Parent?  If so, check out the reference guide below!

Join the PTA

Click here for more information about joining the CET PTA! (Note:  PTA members are welcome but NOT required to volunteer for chair positions or at school events).