We have three bands at East Chapel Hill High School: Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band
Concert Winds: Concert Band consists of freshman performing grade IV literature in a large band setting. This ensemble focuses extensively on rhythms, independent
as well as balance and blend. Music theory and creativity is studied through the medium of standard high school band literature. 


Symphonic Band: The Symphonic Band is an upperclassmen ensemble and performs grade V and VI literature.
   Members of the 
Symphonic Band will be exposed to a wide variety of literatures from which they can expand artistic and cultural horizons. Students will also gain an understanding of music theory as well as historical and
 aspects through performance.In addition to the four concerts per year, the members of the Symphonic Band also performs at the home football games in fall. 
Jazz Band: This course is a combo course in which students create and design their own jazz charts from a lead sheet.
In addition to the regularly scheduled concerts, the members of the Jazz Band also play gigs at community events and local coffee houses including the
UNC- Essential Ellington Jazz Festival
Cafe Driade, the Chapel Hill Holiday Parade, and Southpoint Mall.