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2nd Grade Class

The August 21st eclipse may be over but the 2nd graders used their library time to further explore the event by programing Ozobot robots to demonstrate how the eclipse occurred.  Students used OzoCodes to create the elliptical orbit of the moon.  Students were engaged and inspired when the topic came alive after successfully programming the Ozobot robots!


5 Finger Rule to find a "Just Right" Book

5 Finger Rule

Basic Information

We have three areas in which to check out in the library.   They are : easy books, non-fiction, and magazines. Reference books are available but are  for in library use only.  The grade level checkout areas will look like this:

    Kindergarten- 1 book for a week from the easy book section only

    1st grade- 1 book for a week from the easy book section, after 1st semester 2 books for a week and Magazines can also be checked out.

    2nd grade- 2 books for a week, after 1st semester 3 books for a week.  Students have full access to the library collection.

Renewing Items

    Students may renew their library books one time only.

“BB” Books (Borrowed Books):  

    “BB” checkout is for students who have not returned their regular checked out book(s).  These ”BB” books are older and gently-used library books that have been deleted from our catalog.   BB books are given as an option; so your child does not leave empty handed.

Damage to Books

   Overdue/lost/damaged book notices are sent every quarter.  We do not allow your child to check out regular books until they have returned or paid for the damaged/lost book(s).


Login:  chadronschools

Password:  cardinals

Library Schedule

Each classroom visits the library once a week.  The library schedule is as follows:

     * Monday

      10:45 - 11:30    Fisher           K

        1:15 - 2:00     Hoffman       1st

        2:15 - 3:00     Sandstrom    2nd

    *  Tuesday

       10:45 - 11:30   Larson           K

         1:15 - 2:00    Ferguson      1st

         2:15 - 3:00    Hendrickson 2nd

     * Wednesday

        10:45 - 11:30   Hudson K

          1:15 - 2:00    Gardner  1st

             2:15 - 3:00     Page  2nd

    *  Thursday

         10:45 - 11:30   Landreth   K

            1:15 - 2:00    Bounous  1st

           2:15 - 3:00    Cogdill  2nd

    *  Friday

        NO Library Classes on Friday’s.


  1. Go to:  http://chadronschools.org/

  2. Click on “Students”

  3. Put your mouse over Library

  4. Click on K-4 Magic Wall

Once at Educational Service Unit 2 (ESU2):

  1. Click Login (upper right corner)

  2. Library Card ID:  esues(10 digit #)

  3. Pin:  Cardinals1

  4. Fill out the information . . .

    1. esues(10 digit number)

    2. Cards1234

    3. First name Last name

    4. (10 digit #)@chadronschools.net

    5. What is your favorite animal?

    6. Answer to above question

  5. Click “Logout” (upper right) once you successfully complete registration.

Setting up the App

  1. Download “Axis360” app

  2. Once downloaded, open app

  3. At the bottom, click “Skip Tutorial”

  4. Type: “Fremont Educational Service-Elementary” OR

           Select Country, Select State

  1. The Library is Fremont Educational Service - Elementary

  2. Enter your Library ID (esues(10digit)) and Pin (Cards1234)

  3. Search for a book

To Checkout a Book:

  1. Click on the book

  2. Click on Checkout

  3. Start reading