3. Middle School Library

8th Grade Book Tasting

If you always read mysteries, you may wonder if a nonfiction book would hold your attention or maybe you love graphic novels but assume a science fiction book would go on too long. To save students from reading ruts, the first book tasting at the "READ-ON Restaurant" was developed for students to "taste" something new.  Instead of feasting on steak and lobster, students were feasting on biographies, nonfiction, historical fiction, general fiction/mystery, science fiction/fantasy and graphic novels.

How do you “taste” a book? Students received a "menu" for logging their experiences and observations. They wrote down the title and genre and what they thought of the cover, and then recorded their thoughts after 10 minutes of reading.

Like a progressive dinner, students moved from one table to another after a certain amount of time so they could sample the next course or, in this case, genre. Choosing unfamiliar books from the pile, they settled into their chairs and began reading. They wrote whether they would want to read the entire book and copied titles of some books onto the back of the menu to return to later.

All of the books at the tasting are available in the school library. 

New Arrivals
Thank You Chadron High Class of 1966!!

Chadron High School Class of 1966 has donated money for the purchase of furniture in the Middle School library.  Their thoughtful donation is greatly appreciated!