3. Middle School Library

New Arrivals

Book Tasting at the READ-ON Restaurant

     To introduce students to new books available in the library, a book tasting at the "READ-ON Restaurant" was developed for students to "taste" something new.  Instead of feasting on steak and lobster, students were feasting on biographies, nonfiction, historical fiction, general fiction/mystery, science fiction/fantasy and graphic novels.

    How do you “taste” a book? Students received a "menu" for logging their experiences and observations after 10 minutes of reading.

    Like a progressive dinner, students moved from one table to another choosing new books from the pile.

All of the books at the tasting are available in the school library.


Loans & Limits

Borrowing and Returning Items

    Items must be checked out and returned at the circulation desk.

Loan Limit

    3 Items for 2 weeks each.

Holding and Reserving Items

    Items may be put on hold or reserved by speaking to a librarian.

Renewing Items

    You do not have to have the items with you, speak with a librarian.  You may renew an item twice.

Damage to Books

    Item must be paid for or replaced.


Online Resources

CMS Online Card Catalog


Click “Students”

Click “Library”

Click “Library Card Catalog”


Login:  chadronschools

Password:  cardinals



Login:  chadronschools

Password:  cardinals

Virtual Research Handbook



Go to:  http://www.chadronschools.org

  1. Click on “Students”

  2. Go to Library site

  3. Click here on 5-12 Magic Wall

Once at Educational Service Unit 2 (ESU2):

  1. Click Login (upper right corner)

  2. Library Card ID:  esums(10 digit #)

  3. Pin:  Cardinals1

  4. Fill out the information . . .

    1. esums(10 digit number)

    2. Cards1234

    3. First name Last name

    4. (10 digit #)@chadronschools.net

    5. What is your favorite animal?

    6. Answer to above question

  5. Click “Logout” (upper right) once you successfully complete registration.

Setting up the App

  1. Download “Axis360” app

  2. Once downloaded, open app

  3. At the bottom, click “Skip Tutorial”

  4. Type: “Fremont Educational Service-Secondary” OR

           Select Country, Select State

  1. The Library is Fremont Educational Service - Secondary

  2. Enter your Library ID (esums(10digit)) and Pin (Cards1234)

  3. Search for a book

To Checkout a Book:

  1. Click on the book

  2. Click on Checkout

  3. Start reading